It’s Time To Recognize

No one wants to be the first to say it, no one wants to be the first to admit it, but let’s face it, Jose Bautista is a *bleeping* man!

No one wants to be the first to hop on the bandwagon because they still think last year was a fluke. They don’t want to get caught up in last year. Everyone loves a cinderella story, but not in baseball. Not for home run hitters. Rather than give credit where credit is due, all people do it speculate. It seems as if only good baseball players, especially if you can hit the ball far, must be on steroids.

Just because Bautista hit 54 home runs does not mean he’s on steroids. I mean, the dude weights 200 pounds! He doesn’t have a over sized head like Bonds, he didn’t forget how to speak English in a court room like Sosa, and I’m pretty sure he has nothing to hide about his past like McGwire. He’s just a normal guy that fixed his swing and now crushes every ball he hits.

Jose BOMBtista is easily proving to everyone that last year was no fluke. He has hit four home runs in his last six games, which includes a game winning homer in the 11h innings in today’s game. That game winner was his league leading 13th bomb, one ahead of Curtis Granderson.

For a home run hitter you’d expect a ton of strikeouts to go along with it, but that’s what makes Bautista so special. In 31 games and 109 at bats, he has only 16 punch outs! That’s not to mention his .358 batting average.

If you asked me today who I thought was the best hitter in baseball was, I’d easily say it’s Bautista. It’s time for the critics to turn into fans and enjoy watching this guy rake. He is officially an elite ball player and in my opinion, no one is better.

Here’s what our good friend Steven Rowland has to say about who the best hitter is!!