Fantasy Football Mock Draft: Club Seat Style

This is for all of you fantasy nerds out there like myself who can’t wait to get the ball rolling on fantasy football. This mock consists of other writers on Club Seat and some of  our top viewers. This mock will be updated as soon as the pick has been made, so check back often to see who you should target in what round! Enjoy!
This is going to be based on STANDARD scoring:
50 yards passing – 1 point
Passing TD – 6 points
INT – -2 points
10 yards rushing/receiving – 1 point
Rushing/receiving TD – 6 points
Fumble lost- -2points
The lineups like look like this:
1 QB
2 RB
2 WR
1 TE
1 K
15 rounds total
I have randomly selected the draft order, and it looks like this:
Steven Rowland- My personal editor!
Gary Proffitt- Writer
KevinMaloney- Writer 
Eric Evans- Writer
Bobby Becker- Viewer
Luca Esposito- Founder
Steven Javaruski- Viewer
Rich Edmonds- Viewer
Justin Hren- Writer
Daniel Guy- Viewer
Round 1
1. Steven Rowland- Jamaal Charles, RB, Kansas City- This is the 1st time I have ever been #1 overall & the pressure was overwhelming at times!  I went out on a little reach to get Jamaal Charles w/ the number 1 pick for 2 reasons.  With T. Jones another year older Charles work load will increase, and so should his numbers from last year.  My 2nd reason is because he is a stud and extremely fun to watch and root for!

2. Gary Proffitt- 
Aaron Rodgers, QB, Green Bay- With the 2nd pick I’ll go with Aaron Rodgers. I have a billion reasons why he could have gone number one. Ryan Grant and Jermichael Finley are coming back which will only make him better..not to mention he has Greg Jennings to throw too. They also beefed up there line with Derek Sherrod and brought in a stud wideout in Randall Cobb. Put it this way, youll be seein a lot of the belt this year.

3. Kevin Maloney- 
Chris Johnson, RB, Tennessee- Easy choice. Next!
4. Eric Evans- Adrian Peterson, RB, Minnesota- AP or Foster? AP has the track record and he doesn’t have Ben Tate coming back. I would have taken AP 1st overall, so I love him at pick four.
5. Bobby Becker- Michael Vick, QB, Philadelphia- I normally would never take a QB with a first round pick but this is an exception. Vick’s style lends itself to many rushing yards and TDs, in addition to a good amount of passing TDs in the pass-heavy Philly offense. His unprecedented play last season is undeniable – last season was Vick’s best season stat-wise, and he only played 12 games! Owners could rely on him for about 25 fantasy points every week last season and this year should be no different.
6. Luca Esposito- Arian Foster, RB, Houston- Can’t pass on the number one player from last year at pick six.
7. Steven Javaruski- Maurice Jones-Drew, RB, Jacksonville- MJD has been the most reliable RB (for me at least) for the past few years. You know what your getting when you draft him. I don’t foresee a change in his performance next year.
8. Rich Edmonds- Rashard Mendenhall, RB, Pittsburgh- I don’t care if he thinks killing a terroist was a bad thing, Pitt is a run first team.
9. Justin Hren- On the clock
10. Daniel Guy
Round 2
11. Daniel Guy
12. Justin Hren
13. Rich Edmonds
14. Steven Javaruski
15. Luca Espositio
16.Bobby Becker
17 Eric Evans
18. Kevin Maloney
19. Gary Proffitt
20 Steven Rowland