As Genius As The Rays Are, Why Is Andy Sonnanstine Still In The MLB?

In my eyes, Andy Sonnanstine is good for one thing: a mop-up role. OK I lied – he’s good for two things if you include tossing batting practice. We all know the Rays front office is one of the best in the game, so why doesn’t their ingenuity apply to Sonnanstine?

The Rays have allowed Sonny and his 84 mph fastball to get battered around for five years now, compiling a 5.19 ERA, with more losses than wins, and an opponent batting average of .285 for his career. When will enough be enough? The Rays have never had a shortage of arms in their system, so get to using them and remove one of the chinks in your armor that is Andy Sonnanstine.

Joe Maddon indicated that the beach ball thrower will take the mound tomorrow, and I can only assume (or hope) that it will be his final chance.

Here’s a quick look at what the Rays have brewing down in the minors:

  • LHP Alex Torres (via Scott Kazmir trade): 2-3, 2.21 ERA, 45 K in 36.2 INN – AAA
  • RHP Alex Cobb: 5-0, 1.31 ERA, 45 K in 41.1 INN – AAA