A Buckeye’s Opinion On The Tresselgate

If you are looking for an objective impartial opinion about the mess at THE Ohio State University, then read no further.  My son is named after the two greatest coaches in the history of Buckeye football. Yes, his name is Tressel Hayes.  If you think for one second that I regret naming my son Tressel because of what happened with coach, then you would be making a big mistake.  Let’s remember that Woody was fired for punching a player in the neck during the Gator Bowl.  This mess does piss me off though.  Here are five reasons why Tresselgate pisses me off.

1. Ohio State is held to a higher standard.
Why is this a bigger deal because it happened at tOSU?  Why are people talking about a “pedestal” that tOSU or Tressel is on?  Is it because they don’t break NCAA rules in terms of oversigning?  Is it because they have a lower number of arrests than say some SEC schools?  I can’t figure this out.

2. Ohio State fans were far too eager to get rid of Tressel for hopes of Urban Meyer.
Early in the “scandal” I heard tOSU fans say “fire him and hire Urban Meyer!”  Be careful what you wish for.  Any of you herd of Fielding Yost? No? He is the only coach in Big Ten history to be more successful than Tressel.  Meyer doesn’t play “Buckeye Football.”  He may be the best recruiter possibly ever, but he can’t do much better than 9-1 against that team in blue and yellow north of Ohio.

3. Players were violated by the NCAA of their property rights.
I love how the NCAA is telling players that they can’t sell their own property.  This isn’t their helmet or jersey.  They were rings and gold pants (a gold charm given for beating that team that wears blue). The players had an abundance of these items, so they sold them.  Now they are looking into car deals. So, when a player goes to buy a car they are supposed to ask the dealership to raise the price or the interest rate? Sorry sir, I would like to pay more for that car and at a higher interest rate.

4. Tressel had no choice but to retire.
Tressel wanted to ride out the bad times and bring things full circle.  Everyone was too quick to judge.  Even if it were found out somehow that he were innocent, it wouldn’t matter, every win from here on out would be tainted.  No one but Coach knows the real story.  He was found guilty by the media before the investigation was over. I never understood the hate for tOSU from everyone.  This has turned into a nation rooting for the good guy to fail.  Reminds me of the hate for Tebow.  People hated him because he was a virgin.  And he was the best.  A winner and a good guy?  Yea, we can’t have that.

5. Why is this a bigger deal than Cam Newton?
OK, this is the one that pisses me off the most.  Cam Newton spray painted a stolen laptop and wrote is name on it with a marker, then threw it out the window to not get caught with it.  He was to be EXPELLED for academic dishonesty.  His father then shopped him around for cash.  He finally landed with Auburn who is widely known as maybe the dirtiest of recruiters.  He then won the Heisman and National Championship.  No one cares. At all.  We allow someone like that to reach the pinnacle of the sport and crucify a great man who might have made one mistake.  And what was the motive for his mistake?  He was protecting some kids.